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Linda Balliro Cambridge USA

  • Linda Balliro Cambridge USA

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Linda Balliro Cambridge USA

Ms. Linda Balliro teaching and coaching skills have been forged over two decades as Associate Professor of Voice at Berklee College of Music, the Vienna Conservatory of Music from 2003–2006, and a private voice in Boston and globally As a teacher and vocal coach. Since 2007 through distance education. Ms. Baliro has trained professional touring artists, college students, young professionals, recreational singers, children, and teenagers, teaching singers how to sing, rather than sing! She is particularly recognized for her skills in mixing singers, expanding her range for singing great high notes, eliminating difficulty transitioning from chest to head voice, or for high notes.

Linda takes her vast experience as a classically trained singer, and her knowledge of pedagogy, chocolate, and voice mechanics, and applies them to all genres of music. This can give his students the voice they want – and that will take them through their careers in music whether they are Broadway-bound kids who are just starting, or they are already touring for a week. Fans who are singing in stadiums.

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