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Industrial Supplies USA

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Industrial Supplies USA About us

Industrial Supplies USA, LLC is a major supplier of industrial equipment and equipment, safety products, electrical components and safety devices, etc. We distribute our wide range of products to industries (including food processing, chemical engineering, packaging, building, plastics processing, and manufacturing). Metal processing and construction, and medical device manufacturing, oil refineries, mining, petroleum), construction of contractors and commercial outlets. In the past, our customers have been engaged in: repair, maintenance and operation; Process Development, Basic Equipment Manufacturing, and Institutional and Corporate Research Development.

Based on our world headquarters in Orange County, California, USA, our professional staff provides deeply knowledgeable and exceptional personal support to clients worldwide. We offer a wide selection of products ranging from consumer goods to industrial and construction equipment. Industrial Supplies USA is dedicated to providing the best quality products backed by a company built on integrity and the highest business ethics. You can ensure that your order will be received quickly, efficiently and accurately and the products you receive will perform as promised.

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Client: Industrial Supplies USA, LLC

Location: 14271 JEFFREY RD, # 331 IRVINE, CA 92620

Area: Orange County, California, USA

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