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GC Realty Investment has been investing in real estate since the early 2000s. GC Realty Investments is a subsidiary of GC Realty, a full-service real estate investment company. We have our roots in property management. When we started our business, the goal was simple: give money to our customers. If we helped our clients make money, they would want to buy more assets with us as our agents, and then we could manage more. If we protect our customer’s bottom line then our business will grow.

It all started with the idea: “If our clients can make money on rental properties with all the work done to us, why can’t we?” Mark and Bryan started in 2005 by buying some rental properties before the company became known as GC Realty Investments. Our business has evolved over the years 2009 GC Realty Investments was born. We offer fully renovated turnkey investment properties to investors all over the world. The mission of GC Realty Investments is simple: provide the highest quality rental units at an affordable price and rejuvenate hard-to-find neighborhoods. We buy distressed properties and restore them.

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