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Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

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Importance of Keyword Research in SEO – Significant Role of Keywords in SEO

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO 2022 – Due to the staggering growth in Digital Marketing, it requires many different tools to boost its search. Search Engine Optimization is a tool which is generally used to enhance the organic ranking of a website with the guidance of search engine. Moreover, Keywords are the primary elements of SEO. It should be unique and will also help to increase your website ranking. Therefore keywords play an eminent role in SEO.

Furthermore, optimizing your content with the relevant keywords will help your website or blog to rank higher, faster and can obtain more search engine traffic.

How many times did you hear these lines?

Obviously lot of times

This is because keywords are the primary element that you should know when you can start optimizing your website. This blog is written for the beginner’s like you to explain the most basic idea of SEO Keywords. Let’s begin with the basics.

Firstly, what are the keywords?

Keywords are one of the most prominent SEO elements for the search engine that helps the user to find your sites through search engines. Additionally, it is a most formidable task to choose the appropriate keywords for your website to run a successful SEO campaign.

Apart from that, there are many ways to discover which keywords are best for your blog and after that carefully make a final list of them by analyzing what the people are searching for, which keywords have your opponents chosen and last but not least think about which keywords describe your site best.

Why are keywords important for SEO?

Keywords play an eminent role in SEO. If these phrases are perfect and unique, the search engine could easily crawl websites and also support these websites for search results. Besides that, there are many different tools available for the keywords generation such as keyword planner which gives the full information about the competition for a particular keyword and also shows price estimation for the bid including a number of times that keyword is searched.

Therefore, generating a list of Keywords is the primary and significant task in Search Engine Optimization. Keywords and SEO both are interlinked with each other in running a successful campaign.

Keyword research is the method of researching popular, industry-specific information further phrases that are sending search traffic to search results pages. This is a time-tested initial step in search engine optimization (SEO) for each website.

The objective of doing keyword research is to search for words including phrases that users are searching for on Google also other major search engines. These terms relate to the products furthermore services on your site. Now, more than ever, more focus is placed on the searcher purpose of keywords.

Importance of Keyword Research in SEO 2021 - SEO Ranvir Singh

Keyword Research during Site Architecture

While you require to redesign your website, keyword analysis can profit edit your present site structure including copywriting for your brand-new website? If you are easily refreshing your content for SEO, then keyword research will guide optimization for additional terms in your industry either ability to rank your site.

Ideally, the first round of keyword analysis should be performed before site architecture can be built. This strategy boosts reorganize a cluttered website also simplifies the user experience. Discovering new keywords improves differentiate overlapping products either services. It is further instructive in developing new moreover clear sections rather than page names.

Keyword research should affect your website navigation, URL naming, including the content for the individual page. For key navigation titles also page names, keyword analysis will benefit you to determine what terms people are looking for about your business’ products, services, furthermore location.

Once you have a site structure that aligns beside your new website goals, further keyword research is advised to strategically inform the copywriting process to a specific page. Incorporating several unique keyword differences for each service you provide is an SEO best practice. Additionally, keywords should always be integrated easily moreover specifically into your particular brand voice. A successful keyword strategy uses conversational language to answer clients’ questions about website content.

Best Keyword Research Tool

There are several keyword research tools that marketers also copywriters use to explain what users are looking for with industry, product, and either service. Popular tools before-mentioned as Ahrefs, also Google Keyword Planner Moreover Moz and Keyword Explorer present average monthly search volume for special terms, as well as keyword suggestions based against whatever was originally fulfilled.

There are various advantages to using these tools primarily, most of which produce an average number of monthly searches, which can be filtered by geography if desired. A keyword with a high search volume is not always the most helpful, because the also people searching for it, the higher competition there will be for ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Local Keywords SEO

If you work in a defined geographic footprint, it is very necessary to introduce local keywords in the search capability of your site. In recent years, Google has given more value to local businesses also supported businesses to claim their business on Google My Business. If you do not claim your business, Google will take the right knowledge from your website for online publication, in your opinion.

Nothing on Google can be 100% controlled by marketers or business owners, but you can attract more local searchers by doing local keyword research moreover optimizing the most valuable product including service pages of your site.

Local keyword research can be done at the state, county, or city level. If you are located in various states, it is still significant to include local keyword references where applicable, particularly about your contact pages moreover pages.

Two important types of Keywords:

  1. Short Tail Keywords
  2. Long Tail Keywords

Short Tail Keywords: It consists of only 1or3 words and is also useful for getting tremendous traffic. The smaller the keyword, the strength would be higher. Moreover, competition for short tail keywords is higher as compared to the long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords:  It includes more than 3words as well as short tail keywords. It is also helpful for businesses who want to rank their content in organic Google searches as well as also beneficial for the online marketing advertisements.

Some important terms of keywords:

  • Keyword Density: It is a proportion of number a keyword used on a web page as compared to the total number of words on the page.
  • Keyword Mapping: Keyword Mapping is a process of assigning a keyrd to a specific page on your website based on keyword research. According to Google Panda Update, we can’t allocate the same keyword to multiple pages.
  • Keyword Density Formula: It is used to calculate keyword density for SEO purpose.

(Number of keywords/ Total number of words) * 100

So, if your content is of 800 words in length and you have used your keyword 16 times, the keyword density for that keyword is…

Keyword density = (16/ 800) x 100

= 0.02 x 100


Keyword density = 2%

You can also use Google keyword density tool to check the keyword density.

On the other hand, we have keyword density formula for the optimization of the webpage but we can also use keyword niche for the better results.

Keyword Niche: It is the selection of a number of keywords that include the head term in it. For instance, “SEO” Word is a head term; its niche would be all the presumable keywords including “driving”. Always remember the driving lesson is the body part.

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO, from “keywords don’t matter” to “you can get away with writing anything.” It’s understandable that people think that way because when you’re just starting out in the industry, it’s hard to know what will really work.

In this article, our goal is to dispel those myths and educate internet marketers on why keyword research is so important for achieving success in Search Engine Optimization.

Keyword research is the backbone of any successful SEO campaign because it allows you to gather data about which phrases or words your customers use when they search for products and services like yours.

For example, if you’re an online business selling sports apparel or equipment like baseball gloves, you can use keywords to find out what your customers are searching for. You may know that some of your competitors are getting more traffic than yours based on what they’re doing with search engine optimization, so you’ll definitely want to do some keyword research now.

By utilizing the right keywords and building a strong search engine optimization campaign, you can take advantage of the volume of traffic and build a stronger brand presence online.

You should also think about your future goals when it comes to Search Engine Optimization to make sure that you’re not working in vain.

You should make sure that your goals will help you get more traffic in the future and, depending on the type of business you run, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you’re getting as much traffic as possible:

*. Use Keyword Research: Make sure that you are using a keyword research tool so that you can choose your most relevant keywords.

*. Utilize Long Tail Keywords: Building your own website from scratch is no longer necessary because there are so many great tools out there that allow you to easily find long tail keywords through their use of user-submitted data, or by using Google’s search console.

*. Increase Your Domain Authority (DA): In order to rank well on search engines, you need to have a high Domain Authority (DA) – which shows how much authority your website has in the eyes of search engines. This is why keyword research is so important because it allows you to find good keywords that will help you get that higher domain authority.

To sum up, we can say that keywords play an integral role in SEO and traffic always depends upon the keywords.