How To Get semrush For Free | What Can I Do With Free Account SEMrush


How to get semrush for free and what can I do with Semrush’s free account? If you’re not sure what you can do with Semrush software for free, this post is for you!

Key features of what you currently get with a free SEMrush account include:

  • Daily competitive or keyword research with ten new questions per day
  • Ability to create and manage a SEMrush project
  • track ten keywords
  • Audit 100 pages of your site

More details of those limits are below, but first, let’s talk about getting a free SEMrush trial. When you first sign up for SEMrush, you get the option to start with a 7-day free trial of a Pro or Guru membership.

This test allows you to test each of our tools and reports to help you understand how SEMrush fits your needs and if Pro or Guru would be a better fit for you.

However, if your trial expires and you want to continue using the free SEO tools, you can downgrade the account to a free Semrush subscription, which has limitations.

SEMrush is one of the best and most popular SEO tools available in the market. SEMrush is not downloadable software; Because of that, it’s not possible to get their premium tools for free unless you share the account with someone, which could eventually result in closure.

Instead, we recommend that you take advantage of their seven-day refund policy, which you can read about below if you don’t like the product and tell them that you can get a full refund within seven days.

At SEMrush, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee as per the terms described here. We would provide you with a total or partial refund within 30 calendar days of receipt of the relevant request if the refund request were made within seven calendar days behind the payment date and in keeping with this Policy.

How to get semrush for free

How to use SEMrush for free

SEMrush starts with a 30-day trial, and with the trial version, we cannot use all the features. Having a simple blog or website can’t make us go to the top; we have to systematically use SEO, SEM, etc., to stay on top. SEMrush is one such tool that can help you do this.

It has three plans for its users; you can choose it as per your business requirements. It also makes it easier for you to analyze your competitor’s website. Log in to the root domain by signing up for SEMrush. It shows you an overview of the website in a single dashboard.

Using SEMrush isn’t tricky either way. It has organic search domains, paid search, backlinks, keywords, referring domains, display ad options, sample media ads, landing pages, and sample text ads, anchor links, referring etc. It provides organic traffic to your platform and is a versatile tool to know everything in detail.

Domain and Keyword Analytics

You can do ten searches a day in our domain analytics and keyword analytics databases; This means you can use the SEMrush search bar to pull up reports only ten times before you reach your daily limit.

If you enter a domain in the search bar, it will be considered a search. If you click on any of the links within the Domain Overview report to report further, it will also be counted as a search — bringing your total to 2 searches.

If you’re testing software, it might make sense that you only need to do ten searches a day. However, it is necessary to note that the paid subscription allows more inquiries to the next level.

Pro users have access to 3,000 searches

Guru users have access to 5,000 searches

Business users have access to 10,000 searches

Ten results per request

Like your daily search limit, the maximum number of results you can make in Analytics reports per day is limited to just 10. For example, if you go into the organic status report and query, you’ll only be able to check for the first ten keywords listed in that domain’s organic status report.

All other analytics reports will have the same ten results per search limit; this includes the Backlinks report, Ad research report, and Keyword report. Conversely, paid subscriptions allow for even more results per search.

  • Pro provides 10,000 results.
  • Guru provides 30,000 results.
  • The business provides 50,000 results.

Keyword Magic Tool

As a free user, you can perform up to 10 searches per day in Keyword Magic Tool and get ten rows of results for each query. This tool gives you a great way to dive into keyword research and understand what audiences in your niche are searching for online.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to save any of your recent searches to the Keyword Magic tool. Search history is how the Keyword Magic tool records your keyword research. When you upgrade to a paid user, you’ll be able to keep up to 350 of your most recent requests!

When you enter your first seed keyword into Keyword Magic Tool as a paid user, it will be saved to your search history along with other seed keywords you asked for. This lets you go back to the keyword research you started in the past at any time.

SEMrush Pro for Free

SEMrush Pro is the best way to try out SEMrush, and it is also a profitable search engine marketing that is designed to help marketers and bloggers at all levels. It is also a tool to check the traffic of your competitors.

You don’t need to learn any techniques to use this excellent tool. It promotes your online store and helps you to increase more sales. It is the leading and powerful tool for the SEO of your website. SEO is important for every type of website, especially if you are a startup.

You can use this tool for various purposes. It is used for researching keywords, improving keyword ranking, content creation with keywords. It is also used for competitive analysis. This tool is used in many fields and helps the business to make a better strategy for business growth and development.

Big organizations like eBay, Amazon, Hewlett Packard and more, this tool is trusted. They have become one of the world’s leading competitive research services for all digital manufacturers and marketers.

Creating and Managing SEMrush Projects

As a free user, you can create and manage a project.

For those unfamiliar with our Projects section, each project serves as a dashboard that will display a preview of each tool’s key metrics. Each project includes 12 individual tools.

If you want additional projects, our Pro-level package includes five projects, our Guru package contains 15 projects, and our Business-level package consists of 40 projects.

However, if you decide to remain as a free user, even after setting up your project, you will be limited in what you can do.

Crawl 100 pages with Site Audit

The site audit will provide you with your website’s overall health score and a list of issues found with the given website. As a free user, your site audit is limited to only 100 crawled pages; This includes crawling a given domain, subdomain, or subfolder.

This data may be sufficient for specific websites. However, most websites have more than 100 pages, so considering which account level works best for you can be something to consider.

If you think a free level account will not be enough, you can check out our paid accounts.

  • Pro allows you to crawl up to 100,000 pages per month
  • Guru allows 300,000 pages per month
  • The business enables 1 million pages per month

Track 10 keywords with position tracking

The ten keywords available to track free users refer to our position tracking tool. This tool allows you to enter a domain, a list of competitors, and keywords to track and set the location and device type. Then, we’ll follow up on your environment and competitors’ daily rankings on the results pages of this targeted keyword list.

This powerful tool can provide you with localized ranking data over and over again. Depending on your customer size and campaign, ten keywords may not be enough for you to track.

Upgrading your account will give you the ability to track more keywords.

  • Pro gives you 500 keywords
  • Guru gives you 1,500 keywords
  • The business provides you with 5,000 keywords

If you ever require more keywords than those provided by your plan, you can contact your account executive to add additional keywords to your account.

SEO Ideas Units

SEO Ideas units are shared between three different tools: SEO Content Templates, SEO Writing Assistant, and On-Page SEO Checker.

These tools give you suggestions on structuring content after inputting your target keywords. With a free account, you are given a total of 10 SEO Idea units every month.

Every target keyword you input into one of these tools will count as an SEO idea unit, and these three tools share a pool of 10 teams.

You can create an SEO content template, an on-page SEO checker campaign, and use SEO Writing Assistant at once (SEO Writing Assistant is essentially your SEO content template integrated into a draft on Google Docs or Word Press. does).

You can use these keywords however you want with an on-page SEO checker campaign, an SEO content template, and an SEO writing assistant.

So if you create an SEO content template targeting a single keyword, the number of SEO Ideas units you have for your on-page SEO checker campaign will now.

To generate more than one template (or for more than one keyword), you’ll need to subscribe to our Content Marketing Toolkit.

Our Content Marketing Toolkit is available for our Master and Business Account levels. So if you’re just a Pro user, you’re missing out on our excellent content tools.*

SEMrush Business for Free

SEMrush business can also give you a lot of advantages, and it will free up all SEMrush powers for you. It will push boundaries for you, and you will have space. If you want more freedom and want to make your limits, then a business plan is an excellent option for you. In this plan, you can access product listing ads for keyword analytics.

You can share your work with your customers as read-only, so they can only see it, and no one can touch or edit your work. They can see your work through this feature. You can get full access to traffic analysis and help you reach different locations, which is very useful when doing business across the globe.

Fully customized reports are also the best feature for business owners, and they can create fully white-label personalized reports for customers. You also get API access in this plan. The Business plan can give you full access to the SEMrush API and help you build your SEMrush using the API.

SEMrush helps in the social media platform.

The social media business has become very famous for marketing. Social media platforms can be managed using SEMrush. These software tools also ensure that you receive detailed user feedback on your content. You can take help from the analysis and take some steps to improve it.

The best part of SEMrush is that you can also analyze competitors’ websites and how much activity they are doing. You can also see how effectively they use their social media platforms for their business. This analysis will help you know about your weak points and work on them.