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The Best Web Hosting Services for 2022 – Our ranking of the top hosts was based on numerical order to provide as much information as possible while keeping things simple.

It’s a standard ranking system in which the top recommendation comes first, followed by number two and so on. Since we’d like to avoid providing excessive information, we have listed only four suggestions. They include three that we considered the best and one that is popular but lacks specific vital components.

Hosting is a service that facilitates the visibility of websites worldwide through the use of Web Hosts. In Canada, many hosting service providers offer different hosting services based on your budget and requirements.

Listed below are the Top Web Hosting Services in Canada, along with reviews, features, pros, and cons of each company.

1. HostPapa – Best hosts + discounts for Canadians

Hosting Canada readers can take advantage of 67% off at HostPapa plus free domain registration.

A web hosting provider, HostPapa, offers WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and shared hosting services. In addition, they support integration with Google Workspace and Office 365.

Key Features
  • Cost: $2.95/month (a deal with both Host Papa and Host Canada)
  • Uptime: 99.95%
  • Average load Time: 475 MS
  • Transfer of websites for free
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • Free one-to-one training
  • Cloud flare CDN for free
  • Security with SSL
  • Create a free website
  • Domain registration is free

It may be slower during peak hours to contact customer support.

Host Papa Review

Our favorite web host is undoubtedly Host Papa – and it’s not just because they’re Canadian.

For most of our clients, as well as all of our sites, we also use it. HostPapa is the best choice logistically for Canadians, and it performs well across the board in none of our criteria.

Because Host Papa’s servers are throughout Canada, you will notice a slight speed increase over other competing web hosts. Burlington, Ontario, is the company’s headquarters as well.

They offer free upgrades and nearly half the price of their standard hosting packages. They offer a discount that makes a premium plan like HostPapa as cheap as some of the most affordable options.

In addition to their 30-day guarantee, free website builder, free SSL security, free 1-on-1 training, and free domain registration, HostPapa has kindly provided our readers with the following features. Click here to claim your free domain.

Customer Support

In addition to offering excellent customer service, HostPapa’s 24/7 technical support team is always available to answer any questions you might have. Live chat support with their support team is like having a new employee appear for your website out of nowhere.


Having data centers all over Canada, the web host offers excellent uptime and speed across all plans, but it’s not just because of the geographical location that it performs well. We use Intel Scalable CPU and SDD to reduce the number of addresses that need to be handled by our servers.

Friendly UI

WordPress can be installed easily with one-click installation at HostPapa. Let’s Encrypt is included as part of the free SSL capabilities.

HostPapa is an easy-to-use web host for those new to online businesses and web hosting. The steps outlined in our HostPapa review can help you set up a blog or website quickly.

Refund Policy:

  • A Money-back guarantee is provided for 30 days.

Customer Support:

  • There are three ways to contact customer support: 1) Chat, 2) Phone, and 3) Support tickets. In either case, you will receive a response within 30 minutes if you submit a ticket.

Downtime alert:

  • The company notifies customers when there is a downtime.


  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee is provided by them as well.


  • They have data centers at:
    • Toronto, Canada
    • (Global) Europe – UK, France, Germany, Spain, etc.
    • The USA – Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.
    • Asian Countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, etc
    • Data Centers can be selected during checkout.

2. SiteGround – Premium uptime, security, and support

New signups get a 63% discount across the board

Key Features
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Less than 300 milliseconds for loading
  • SSL certificates and CDN free of charge
  • Fast PHP, UltraCacher, SG Optimizer
  • Free migration to a new site
  • Premium customer service
  • Select your own server location
  • Affordable prices
  • Security features of the highest quality
  • Free features include lots of features
  • The cost of renewing is high
  • Limited storage space
  • There is no dedicated or VPS option available

Siteground Review

If you need a hosting service, Siteground is a great choice. They have a wide variety of hosting plans that will fit every blogger, from experts to beginners.

SiteGround helps its customers accomplish many things by utilizing Google’s powerful processors. A 99.99% uptime rate and the sub-300ms loading speed are achieved. Whatever your budget, SiteGround is the best option when it comes to a reliable hosting service.

A cost-effective and simple web hosting solution for those just getting started might be found at SiteGrounds. With these, you get free SSL certificates, managed WordPress websites, and 10GB of storage for just $4.99/month.

SiteGround does not offer VPS or dedicated servers, but premium cloud hosting is valuable to enterprise businesses looking for more resources. In this scenario, SiteGround’s expert support team can help you switch plans quickly.

Great Flexibility

SiteGround offers you the option of picking any of their server options. There are options for the US, UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia-Pacific. So you can cherry-pick the server that receives the most traffic from your website, making the site significantly faster.

Pricing is quite flexible, starting at $4.99/month on the lowest package and going up to $14.99/month on the most expensive one.

WordPress & Cloud Ready

The world seems to be engulfed by WordPress these days, and there is a growing demand for WordPress Hosting, which Siteground provides. You don’t have to worry about anything, such as updates and security, since everything is taken care of for you.

A cloud hosting package is another option if you wish to upgrade from shared hosting. Offering plans starting at $110/month to $2100/month provides an essentially identical hosting experience to dedicated hosting.

Excellent All-Rounder

These features guarantee 99.99% uptime and low loading times (although they aren’t precisely industry-leading). The customer support is also top-notch, available 24/7.

Siteground quickly becomes one of the best options for people starting in business or as a beginner.

3. Hostinger – The Best Affordable Host

Are you in need of some money-saving tips without sacrificing anything? This is the guide for you.

Key Features
  • Cost: $0.99/month (Deal)
  • Uptime: 99.1%
  • Average load Time: 389 Ms
  • Integration with Github
  • Support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • DNS management
  • Lite Speed caching
  • Website builder unique to Zyro (Zyro)
  • An unlimited bandwidth plan is available
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days

Live chat is only available if you are logged in

Hostinger Review

The hosting industry uses promotional pricing as a marketing tactic frequently. This is a strategy that Hoster has mastered, and you benefit from it just as much as they do.

Hostinger’s monthly fee will fluctuate semi-regularly between $0.99 and $2.15. Pricing can be locked in for 48 months. Regardless of how you slice it, this works out to less than $70 for four years of hosting.

I assumed that their service would be slow and lousy. After that, I decided to give Hostinger a shot, adding five different sites to their basic plan. We consistently outperformed other budget hosts (who charged 2-3x) in terms of performance.

Hostinger also offers a website builder, Zyro, which surprised me. Zyro AI Content Generator, Logo Maker, and unlimited SSD storage, among others, are just a few of the features included.

 This new feature seems refreshing to me. I can concentrate on what matters most to me: my business.

Website Builder

Your goal is accomplished in no time at all. Make logos for your brand using Hostinger’s new Zyro’s Logo Maker feature, which allows you to put your creativity to good use.

Hostinger proved to be a solid performer in our testing even though it is a relatively new company.

Hostinger is the right choice for you for these reasons

In addition to all of the features you can find with other hosting companies. We’ll be honest: not all plans come with bells and whistles. Consider your feature requirements before choosing a plan. Generally speaking, Hostinger is an excellent choice for savings on hosting with performance that delivers.

A free domain and free SSL are still part of the lowest tier. Sign up using this link to take advantage of them all.

4. A Beginners Host – Bluehost

Are you a first timer? Let’s get started.

Bluehost is an official hosting provider of WordPress hosting, which provides many different hosting plans for bloggers, professionals, small businesses, and larger organizations. They offer dedicated server hosting, shared hosting, and VPS Hosting

Key Features
  • Cost: $2.95/month        
  • Uptime: 99.74%
  • Average load Time: 1.765 Ms
  • First-year free of charge for domain names
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • Support available 24/7
  • 30-day money-back warranty
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Plans that are affordable
  • outstanding customer service

Compared to its competitors, it can be quite expensive

Bluehost Review

Considering Bluehost’s marketing and advertising skills, you will see their ads everywhere once you visit the site.

Bluehost may have been recommended to you. In reality, many of the positive Bluehost reviews you’ll read online are spot-on: this is one of the best web hosting services for beginners.

The reason for its suitability for beginners? Plain and straightforward, Bluehost is the simplest and quickest to use. Taking the time to provide easy-to-understand hosting is key to a company’s success. Bluehost is an excellent choice if you’re starting a blog.

Bluehost’s benefits

Its price is another feature that makes Bluehost an excellent choice for beginners. With Bluehost, you won’t break the bank, which is great for bloggers who may have trouble monetizing their site right away.

Also, they offer easy-to-use interfaces, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and helpful customer support. BlueHost can help beginners and newcomers alike.

5. Hosting by HostGator – Reliable Hosting

Key Features
  • Cost: $4.95/month
  • Uptime: 99.5%
  • Loading Time: 657 milliseconds
  • SSL certificate for free
  • Domains are included in the basic plan
  • Select plans offer free SEO tools
  • Up to a 6-core processor
  • Cost-effective service with great uptime
  • Knowledgeable and helpful customer service representatives
  • an extra fee is required to use the website builder

Expensive compared to many of its competitors

Hostgator Review

HostGator has been making websites and gators work together for quite some time. Many online businesses and bloggers rely on it for their hosting needs.

With a low price and excellent uptime, HostGator is a great choice. You can quickly scale the software to accommodate any traffic level, and it has helpful customer support.

Hosting with A2 – High Speeds

The loading times are low, and the speed is high.

Hostinger offers easy-to-use, highly secure web hosting services. After you have paid the hosting fee and registered, you will have a running server.

  Key Features

Cost: $3.92/month

  • Uptime: 99.1%
  • Average load Time: 601 Ms
  • Transfers and space are unlimited for SSD’s
  • WordPress optimized for speed
  • Automatic backup is provided for free
  • Site migration is free and straightforward


·         Fast loading times

  • High availability
  • · Excellent customer service

Renew rates are relatively high

A2 Hosting Review

A2 Hosting is a solid all-around web host with high uptime, excellent technical support, and excellent uptime.

A2 was founded in 2001 by a former Unix Sys Admin and has consistently made list of ‘Best Web Hosting Services’ since then. According to our evaluation, both U.S. and Canadian hosting providers have well deserved the title.

A2 Hosting provides the cheapest shared monthly plan reviewed on this site, offering many other hosting packages. Small businesses across Canada reap the benefits of A2 Hosting’s Michigan data centers.

5. Green Geeks

Shared web hosting is a popular solution offered by Green Geeks from Canada, suitable for Canadian businesses and bloggers. Using the latest technologies such as Power Cachers, fast SSDs, and PHP7, they use the best web hosting services. They also provide reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Where to Find the Best Canadian Website Host

It can be challenging for Canadians to find the very best web hosting company. It can be unclear, as many web hosts offer similar hosting packages, and many technical terminologies are involved.

Here are the most important features/questions we want to highlight for your review (if you choose to do your research and write your hosting reviews). Our web hosting reviews focus on these topics.

Where should I host my website?

The location of the server is one of the most important aspects to consider when hosting a website. You typically want to choose a server location that targets your market, so they know you exist, so the closer you are to that market (such as Toronto, Ottawa, etc.), the faster you should be able to load your site.

Users will enjoy the quicker load. Hence, you should always check the location of the data centers before selecting a web host. You should choose a Canadian hosting company.

Using a CDN, or content delivery network, you can ensure fast loading times around the world. Using a CDN, your site’s files are stored on servers worldwide and served from the nearest server to your visitor’s location. At the moment, Cloud flare is the leading CDN provider.

SSL certificates: Is it free?

SSL certificates should be added to all new websites (look for the “s” in https ://). Online retailers aren’t the only ones who need them.

An SSL is an encrypted connection. Data between the site visitor and the server is encrypted. It is unnecessary to pay for any certificates other than the most basic ones; keep that in mind when you come across hosts charging money for them. Let’s Encrypt is free, and you can use it to get them.

Disk Space: How much do I need?

Most Canadian web hosts provide enough disk space to host most websites, but disk space is, of course, quite important. 5 GB should be enough to host most sites, unless you also want to host your emails or if you plan on launching an e-commerce site or a gigantic forum.

You don’t need much storage space if your site is small to medium-sized, but you may need to plan and purchase a higher plan for more significant areas. In addition, check if your hosting package is scalable: how easy is it to upgrade? What type of downtime is involved? If your site exceeds the limit, how are things handled? This is an important question to ask.

Because disk space is so inexpensive these days, some Canadian web hosts provide an unlimited serving of both disk space and bandwidth.

Support: Are they using Canadian support staff?

Small, medium, and large Canadian websites all need support. There should be a telephone number the host can call whenever there is a problem.

A sound customer support system is crucial for your web host. It should be quick to respond to issues and provide assistance quickly.

Get in touch with your provider’s tech support as soon as possible, whether that’s by telephone, email, or live chat. Several web hosting companies outsource their technical support in Canada rather than using a local team, so keep this in mind.

Backups: Do they have a system in place? How often do they do backups?

Hosting providers offer a variety of backup options, as backup is equally important as support. The last thing you want is to lose everything and be unable to restore your website if anything happens to it, including a hacker or a virus. An excellent way to ensure that your website is covered in case of an emergency is to ask about backup options. Find out if they back up your files more often or whether there are fees involved in restoring your files.

Bandwidth: How much bandwidth do I get?

How does bandwidth work? This feature allows you and your website visitors to download/upload a certain amount of data within a specified period. In essence, bandwidth dictates how many people can visit your website. You’ll either have to pay extra for extra MB (make sure to check your host’s terms before signing up), or you’ll be forced to stop allowing visitors to your site. Choosing a web hosting package that allows unlimited bandwidth if you have a popular website is crucial. Read the fine print to find out if there are any limitations associated with unlimited bandwidth.

Types of Web Hosting in Canada

Several web hosts offer different benefits for businesses, and most companies are unaware of the variety of web hosts available. Your website’s size and requirements will determine what type of host you will need.

Shared Hosting

Unless you have a bustling website, shared hosting is not suitable for businesses with heavy website traffic. On a shared web server, multiple websites can be hosted on the same server. Each website can still choose a domain name.

Even so, the web host’s name will be included somewhere in that domain. Choosing this budget-friendly web host option is ideal if you’re setting up your first website, starting a small business, or don’t plan on expanding your business. If you do not have any experience running or creating websites, shared hosting is a great option.

VPS Hosting

This virtual server is a dedicated server that works as a share while pretending to be a dedicated one. Virtual private servers are an equal part shared and reliable server. What is the difference between them and dedicated servers? They are rented as whole servers or in multiples.

A very dynamic server or one with relatively high traffic is better suited for this host option. VPS hosting is another question that users often ask. Virtual private servers allow you to run multiple operating systems on the same machine.

Nevertheless, this type of host can be a little more expensive than a shared host, but it may be worth it if your site receives a lot of traffic.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The most common choice for businesses is dedicated server hosting. Hosting for one organization is like a website that is dedicated to that organization.

Dedicated servers are entirely different from shared servers. Users with higher traffic will benefit from this hosting plan, allowing them to control their servers completely.

It is more expensive, but dedicated servers can be customized to meet any business’s needs. Additionally, dedicated servers do not have ads on them.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is, in my opinion, the most innovative hosting technology. Cloud computing allows users to use as many servers as they want as one server. A cloud hosting service ensures the security of many servers instead of hosting that relies on only one server.

As one of the most flexible, affordable, and reliable web infrastructures, cloud hosting is the number one choice for hosting services today.

Reseller Hosting

If you’re a reseller host, you’re probably wondering, what in the world did you say? Most likely. Users can host third-party websites on their allocated bandwidth using ING services.

A reseller is someone who buys a hosting service, then resells it to a customer for profit. You may not want to use this as your first website if you are a business. It does, however, have its advantages.

The ability to manage your plans and accounts

While your clients are unaware of your parent host, you can create your own web hosting company.

Extra disk space and bandwidth

Domain hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting is a specialized and WP-focused type of web hosting, considered the luxury version.

They are more expensive but managed WordPress hosting providers do most of the work. In addition to security, speed optimizations, and support, WordPress is at the heart of everything we do. The goal of this company is to offer the best possible WordPress hosting experience.

You will even receive updates for your WordPress plugins and core installation. I wasn’t expecting such a significant update.