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Best Free Guest Posting Sites in India 2022 | Instant Approval Guest Blog Post Website List

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Best Free guest posting sites in India 2022 – Guest posting is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. Additionally, it can lead to meeting bloggers, getting backlinks, or guiding students to a successful career through writing critical or informational articles.

Guest posting on other sites is something everyone does for their reasons. As a business strategy, it creates a two-way business relationship between the site and its visitor.

Bloggers and website owners hire experts to write posts. It was done by another expert as well, and it was beneficial for both parties.

Guest Posting Benefits You

  • Enhance Your Writing Skills
  • Get High-Quality Traffic
  • Build Domain also Search Engine Authority
  • Boost Your Online Influence
  • Establish Your Authority
  • Build Your Credibility and Portfolio
  • Create Your Profile
  • Boost Your Brand Awareness and Exposure,
  • Increase Your Subscriber Base
  • Find out what others think of you

Instant Approval Guest Posting Sites in India

If you are searching for instant approval for Free Guest Posting Sites in India, you have come to the right place. To get lots of traffic, we’ve compiled a list of free guest posting sites where you can easily share your articles and blogs. These sites have a high domain authority, which helps your website rank well in search engine results.

You can drive traffic to your website through guest posting and then convert those site visitors into subscribers or buyers.

Today, everyone is interested in Guest Posting Services. It provides you with a lot of traffic, boosts keyword rankings and DA/PA, improves brand reputation, etc. All of these links have been manually checked. If you want to put your link here, feel free to contact us.

You can gain many benefits from guest posting if you want to gain brand awareness and gain the support of many people. This is useful for you and your organization. It is one of the most efficient ways to build relationships, professional connections and set brand importance.

Free guest posting sites in India: Guest posting can be one of the most efficient ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. It may also lead to meeting bloggers, getting backlinks, or guiding students to a successful career by writing critical or informative articles.

While there are many free guest posting sites in India, we have handpicked some of India’s best free guest posting sites for you.

You can find a variety of free guest posting sites that accept guest posts from India.

No doubt, writing is a passion for several people. In the years that have given, including since blog posts have increased popularity, business enterprises have taken this as an opportunity to write about different topics related to their industry. This will cater to the audience’s requirements.

Guest blog posting is quietly writing blogs, including articles for other sites. Some websites require content related to their sites. Free guest posting sites provide backlinks in the author’s bio to make sure the blogger can profit from the blog posting site’s traffic.

The following are some benefits of guest blogging on free guest posting sites:

Increased organic traffic: Many use guest posting sites to improve their search engine rankings. A higher number of backlinks means better performance for your site. Backlinks help organic traffic grow. If you do it right, it’s as easy as posting to drive sales.

Boosts your social media following: Guest blogging makes it easy to win your target audience. If you share information that matches their expectations, you get more shares and followers. You not only get more shares but also gain more followers.

Branding: Guest posting is an excellent way of making your presence felt online, as it lets readers know your ideas and interests. No one can stop you from delivering the information you wish to present if you have original ideas and exciting topics.

Enhances writing skills: Nobody is a flawless writer. Practice and patience make you a skilled writer. You will soon see yourself on a large scale if you start blogging about topics you enjoy. Don’t be discouraged if your post gets rejected. You can improve your writing skills by following the editor’s guidelines when editing and submitting the position.

Keeping quality in mind is the most significant thing to make a website popular and relevant. Your posts should be well written also informative-the search bots like sites with informative information to proffer. With free guest posting sites, you can get associated with the best bloggers in your domain.

You can enhance your productivity through free guest posting sites if you keep those tips in mind. Don’t forget, guest posting is the primary step for online marketing benefits. And don’t rush into something without providing it with deep thought.


Guest posting blogs in India is also considered one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. Additionally, it can lead to meeting bloggers, getting backlinks, or guiding students to a successful career through writing critical or informational articles.

Guest posting is one of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. Additionally, it can lead to meeting bloggers, getting backlinks, or guiding students to a successful career through writing critical or informational articles.

Here are some of the best guest posting sites in India. By getting featured at these sites, you can get high-quality backlinks to your website, which can help you get a better ranking in Google.

Here are the websites that are free to post on, with a special note of caution. This one is the best of all, as they have a section for post-submission. You have to email the editor with the article, after which you will get a confirmation email.

As you can see, guest posting is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Guest posting is an excellent way to gain authority and recognition within your niche.

If you are looking for free guest posting sites in India, this article is definitely for you. This article gives you the list of top free guest posting sites in India which are genuine and always open for guest posts.

In addition to the need of the hour, it is seen as a solid individualistic trait and can also open many doors for you.

People are constantly contributing to platforms like LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and the like to build a robust professional network and be seen as an influential figures. You can also reap the benefits of guest posting if you do it right. So, give it a try.

Top List of Guest Posting Sites

S.NOGuest Posting SitesCategoryDAPAMOZ RANK
8 Blogs51303
9 Blogs48373.7
10 Blogs54323.2
11 Blogs56313.1
12 Blogs38262.6
13 Blogs42282.8
13 Blogs79363.6
14 Blogs45272.7
15 Blogs54282.8
16 Blogs72333.3
17 Blogs79393.9
18 Blogs90535.3
19 Blogs77464.6
20 Blogs43242.4
21 Blogs51282.8
22 Blogs58313.1
23 Blogs57383.8
24 Blogs45282.8
25 Blogs47282.8
26 Blogs48282.8
27 Blogs47303
28 Blogs77393.9
29 Blogs61343.4
30 Blogs43292.9
31 Blogs52414.1
32 Blogs68474.7
33 Blogs91575.7
34 Blogs50303
35 Blogs75535.3
36 Blogs79484.8
37 Blogs86555.5
38 Blogs78373.7
39 Blogs48303
40 Blogs82494.9
41 Blogs92585.8
42 Blogs58363.6
43 Blogs93494.9
44 Blogs76333.3
45 Blogs68333.3
46 Blogs60292.9
47 Blogs52282.8
48 Blogs79404
49 Blogs93515.1
50 Blogs78444.4
51 Blogs72373.7
52 Blogs64303
53 Blogs59292.9
54 Blogs72313.1
55 Blogs71323.2
56 Blogs63303
57 Blogs67404
58 Blogs54272.7
59 Blogs44313.1
60 Blogs50282.8
61 Blogs45272.7
62 Blogs42272.7
63 Blogs41282.8
64 Blogs61303
65 Marketing Blogs82444.4
66 Marketing Blogs64333.3
67 Marketing Blogs66333.3
68 Blogs80404
69 Blogs87444.4
70 Blogs91606
71 Blogs85404
72 Blogs56303
73 Blogs75373.7
74 Blogs63454.5
75 Blogs38292.9
76 Blogs58444.4
77 Blogs93474.7
78 Blogs65474.7
79 Blogs48323.2
80 Blogs44292.9
81 Blogs38282.8
82 Blogs51414.1
83 Blogs43313.1
84 Blogs59323.2
85 Blogs70373.7
86 Blogs62292.9
87 Blogs82505
88 Design & Web Development Blogs89454.5
89 Design & Web Development Blogs86414.1
90 Design & Web Development Blogs80454.5
91 Design & Web Development Blogs64363.6
92 Design & Web Development Blogs80404
93 Design & Web Development Blogs53424.2
94 Design & Web Development Blogs83474.7
95 Design & Web Development Blogs64343.4
96 Design & Web Development Blogs50282.8
97 Design & Web Development Blogs51323.2
98 Design & Web Development Blogs49292.9
99 Design & Web Development Blogs78595.9
100 Design & Web Development Blogs87505
101 Design & Web Development Blogs70363.6
102 Design & Web Development Blogs50333.3
103 Design & Web Development Blogs49353.5
104 Design & Web Development Blogs49262.6
105 Design & Web Development Blogs42242.4
106 Design & Web Development Blogs51303
107 /Fitness Blogs91424.2
108 /Fitness Blogs85535.3
109 /Fitness Blogs68484.8
110 /Fitness Blogs40424.2
111 /Fitness Blogs56292.9
112 /Fitness Blogs85636.3
113 /Fitness Blogs53292.9
114 /Fitness Blogs88505
115 /Fitness Blogs75323.2
116 /Fitness Blogs65454.5
117 /Fitness Blogs72404
118 /Fitness Blogs55333.3
119 Blogs91515.1
120 Blogs83434.3
121 Blogs89414.1
122 Blogs69353.5
123 Blogs72545.4
124 Blogs68363.6
125 Blogs68484.8
126 Blogs54404
127 Blogs45262.6
128 Blogs82484.8
129 Blogs73393.9
130 Blogs50242.4
131 Blogs55282.8
132 Blogs80343.4
133 Blogs57282.8
134 Blogs65303
135 Blogs53313.1
136 Blogs74353.5
137 Blogs66444.4
138 Blogs67353.5
139 Blogs63393.9
140 Blogs55292.9
141 Blogs51272.7
142 Blogs46252.5
143 Blogs81505
144 Blogs58292.9
145 Blogs69474.7
146 Blogs86444.4
147 Blogs64333.3
148 Blogs60323.2
149 Blogs61333.3
150 Blogs78383.8
151 Blogs80393.9
152 Blogs84383.8
153 Blogs65303
154 Blogs69343.4
155 Blogs64292.9
156 Blogs86656.5
157 Blogs84646.4
158 Blogs72585.8
159 Blogs49505
160 Blogs88626.2
161 Blogs56585.8
162 Blogs65575.7
163 Blogs56565.6
164 Blogs46515.1
165 /Pets Blogs57515.1
166 /Pets Blogs59555.5
167 /Pets Blogs64525.2
168 /Pets Blogs58434.3
169 /Pets Blogs79565.6
170 /Pets Blogs65484.8
171 /Pets Blogs57545.4
172 Blogs71626.2
173 Blogs50525.2
174 Blogs62494.9
175 Blogs57484.8
176 Blogs89565.6
177 Blogs80666.6
178 Blogs90575.7
179 Blogs93525.2
180 Blogs71555.5
181 Blogs61565.6
182 Blogs56515.1
183 Blogs44404
184 Blogs73606
185 Blogs49505
186 Blogs92737.3
187 Blogs78646.4
188 Money Online & Internet Marketing Blogs59545.4
189 Money Online & Internet Marketing Blogs43444.4
190 Money Online & Internet Marketing Blogs46444.4
191 Blogs58505
192 Blogs50515.1
193 Blogs92737.3
194 Blogs34494.9
195 Blogs72535.3
196 Blogs63545.4
197 Blogs61525.2
198 Blogs59565.6
199 Blogs58454.5
200 Blogs57494.9
201 Blogs53464.6
202 Blogs44424.2
203 Development & Spirituality Blogs62585.8
204 Development & Spirituality Blogs86676.7
205 Development & Spirituality Blogs63646.4
206 Development & Spirituality Blogs93747.4
207 Development & Spirituality Blogs82616.1
208 Development & Spirituality Blogs67565.6
209 Blogs91696.9
210 Blogs67595.9
211 Blogs88646.4
212 Blogs68606
213 Blogs89666.6
214 Blogs71595.9
215 Blogs69595.9
216 Blogs65616.1
217 Blogs57535.3
218 Blogs58525.2
219 Blogs57525.2
220 Blogs60505
221 Estate Blogs69565.6
222 Estate Blogs61595.9
223 Estate Blogs52525.2
224 Estate Blogs45444.4
225 Blogs69565.6
226 Blogs72595.9
227 Blogs83595.9
228 Blogs63595.9
229 Blogs50525.2
230 Blogs57505
231 Blogs57565.6
232 Blogs52525.2
233 Blogs92747.4
234 Websites95828.2
235 Websites95797.9
236 Websites94808
237 Websites93737.3
238 Websites99848.4
239 Blogs78606
240 Blogs49505
241 Blogs48424.2
242 Blogs52505
243, Lifestyle10102